three children in their hifold booster seats

9 Car Seat Safety Tips From an Expert

Using a car seat is the best way to protect your children from injuries and accidents. Here are 9 expert-approved car seat safety tips that you can follow to make your trips more safe and secure.

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baby stroller

How To Clean a Stroller

From dealing with tiny crumbs, juice spills, dirt and all the best tips to keeping it neat and fresh, we present an easy cleaning guide that you can follow when tidying up a stroller.

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baby in car seat

The Different Types of Baby Car Seats

There are a multitude of different baby car seat types to choose from. As this is an essential piece of child safety equipment, you’ll be using the car seat every single time you go out, so make sure to invest in a quality seat. Read on to find out more about which car seat would be best for your family.

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child in car seat

Why Do Car Seats Expire?

Knowing your baby’s car seat expiration date is extremely important for your child’s safety. Child Passenger Safety experts say that the car seat expiration date is crucial knowledge. It’s part of our responsibility as parents to purchase a car seat that’ll keep our child safe in any event. Read to find out the importance of knowing your car seat expiration date.

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