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Plane Pal

Packing Pals™

$35.90 $35.90


We all know how stressful it is packing for a getaway. With families in mind, Plane Pal introduced Packing Pals, premium quality packing cubes that will help you decompress the stress. 

Packing Pals help you pack smarter - now you can pack each family member's clothes into separate cubes, while keeping your clean and dirty clothes separate as well. Made from strong yet lightweight material so you can store more, while the Packing Pal weighs almost nothing.

Designed to help alleviate the stresses of finding your things, each packing cube in the Packing Pals set is made with a mesh top and bottom so you and your other family members can see what's inside. Gone are the days you have to go through your entire luggage to find that treasured thing your little one is crying about! With three sizes, you can customize how you want to pack your suitcase.

Now that everything's organised, you can relax, enjoy the journey and look forward to fuss-free unpacking when you arrive!


  • Grey body, with three different colour accents to choose from
  • Organises your packing for all sizes of suitcases
  • Compresses your luggage to fit more in
  • Makes packing for multiple people less confusing
  • Mesh top and bottom for easy viewing of clothes inside
  • 3-pack includes 3 Packing Pals with a total of 4 storage sections
    • Comes with 1x small, 1x medium, 1x large Packing Pals
    • Fits one carry-on case (Approx. 56cm x 35cm, or 22 x 13¾ in.)
  • 6-pack includes 6 Packing Pals with a total of 8 storage sections
    • Comes with 2x small, 2x medium, 2x large Packing Pals
    • Fits one large suitcase (Approx. 75cm x 50cm, or 29½ x 19½ in.)
    • Includes one free laundry bag!
  • Dimensions (small): 25cm x 18cm x 5cm (10 x 7 x 2 in.)
  • Dimensions (medium): 30cm x 20cm x 7cm (11¾ x 8 x 2¾ in.)
  • Dimensions (large): 44cm x 30cm x 16cm (17¼ x 13¾ x 6¼ in.)

Manufacturer's Warranty

There is no manufacturer's warranty for Packing Pals.

About The Brand

Hi. I'm Sam.

As a mother of 3 who loves travel, I wanted to create a product that would help families reduce the stress associated with travel. Technology has given us so many more ways to entertain our children while in transit, but little has been done to improve the comfort of families travelling with children. Whether you are on board a plane, train, bus, camper van or car, our product will enhance your travel experience!

Travel with kids can be very stressful! I have been that mother desperately rocking a screaming child whilst pacing the aisle. I have also been the mother pinned under twin sleeping toddlers for 6 hours straight, with dead legs and a desperate need to visit the bathroom. I am not sure which was worse...

Plane Pal solves both dilemmas. Now your child can stretch out and fall asleep or simply relax, without their legs dangling. And you can enjoy having your lap and your arms to yourself. But remember Plane Pal isn't just for use on plane's. We've had lots of adventurers use them in cars, and on trains and buses! Wherever your family is headed, I hope that Plane Pal will help you and your family enjoy the journey and not just the destination. 


We really hope that you LOVE your Packing Pals, but if you receive your package and find something is amiss, contact us and we will endeavour to fix the problem ASAP.


1. All items must be returned in accordance with the below procedure or the application for a return will not be accepted:

2. Pack and return the item in the original packaging and shipping box, if possible;

3. Include the original packing slip or receipt and your reason for return;


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10 Jalan Kilang Timor #03-04A LTH Building

Singapore 159306

For more information on our returns policy, take a look at our Returns Policy page.

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Packing Pals™
$35.90 $35.90

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Packing Pals™

Packing Pals™
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