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Travel easy with your baby with the SkyBaby airplane travel mattress. Specially designed to provide a pleasant sleep for your baby on your lap and in the bassinet. Spend less time worrying that you'll wake your baby, and more time enjoying the flight! SkyBaby is an easy-to-use, lightweight and portable solution that is even compatible to be used with the airplane infant seat belt, if available. Ships from Singapore; prices in SGD.


  • Comforts baby against the contours and edges of your arms and lap
  • Fully washable product
  • Provides peace of mind that your baby will sleep comfortably wherever in the world you fly and whichever airline you choose
    • Suitable from 0-2 years depending on the size of your baby
    • Includes a thicker padded pillow section
    • Wings hug your baby for extra comfort, quick and easy to open and close
    • Designed to work with the airline infant belt (if used)
    • Lightweight (0.3kg)
    • Easy to pack away into its small carry bag
    • Use the bag provided to contain any spills.
    • Fits easily into hand luggage or use the clip provided on the product bag to clip the SkyBaby externally to any bag/strap, saving more space
    • Product dimensions: 56cm (L) x 29cm (W) with wings closed around baby. 56cm (L) x 74cm (W) (wings open, wings are flexible).

    Helpful Tutorials


    The video above fully demonstrates how you can use your SkyBaby.



    Bringing the SkyBaby with you

    The SkyBaby travel mattress comes in its own carry bag and is small and light enough fit into your hand luggage or baby travel bag.

    Alternatively, it can be clipped onto the outside of any bag.

    Positioning the SkyBaby

    Once you are in your aeroplane seat, make yourself comfortable and fasten your seat belt. If you are using an airline infant safety belt, ensure it is clipped around your adult seat belt.

    Take the SkyBaby out of its carry bag and unroll it. If you are using the airline infant safety belt pass it through the left or right cut-out of the SkyBaby, depending on the orientation of your baby’s head and fasten it.

    Fastening the SkyBaby

    Wrap the wings snugly around your baby. Your infant can now rest, sleep and feed in comfort.

    At the end of your flight, simply unfasten and roll up the Sky Baby travel mattress and pack away again into its carry bag. Any spills can be contained in the carry bag. Once you reach your destination, the mattress can be washed easily by hand or in a washing machine.

    Also useful as a small portable bed for interconnecting flights or when waiting around at the airport.

    Some airlines do not use infant safety belts, the SkyBaby can be used with or without the airline’s infant belt. It is suitable for babies and infants 0-2 depending on the size of your child.

    This product is not intended as a child restraint, nor is it intended to replace carer action. It is intended to make flying with a baby more comfortable. The child must be held, and supervised as normal whilst using the SkyBaby.


    1. What age/size/weight is the SkyBaby suitable for?

    The SkyBaby mattress is aimed at babies under 2, who don’t generally get their own seat on an aeroplane. Other than that we don’t give a recommended age range or age limit for SkyBaby because it depends on individual babies, for some babies it is too small after 4 months and for others it is fine right up until around 20-24 months.

    The SkyBaby is 56cm long, this is roughly the width of the average airline seat. Two pictures are included below. One shows a baby around 3 months old (wearing a white sleep suit). This baby is using the SkyBaby as a full mattress, lying across the width of the seat. The second picture shows a 10 month old baby. You’ll see that the mattress finishes around the bottom area, and the mattress is being used on a diagonal angle across mum’s knee because the baby is taller. The baby’s legs dangle over the edge of the mattress. The main thing really is if the baby is happy to sleep on your knee, or if they want to be up exploring! Also, if you have a very large baby the general confines of the seating area on an aeroplane may mean they wouldn’t be comfortable lying down on your knee regardless of whether you have the mattress or not.

    You shouldn’t have any problems with the width of SkyBaby mattress, it’s 29cm wide, so can accommodate most babies, and the wings can expand around the baby on an elastic strap, or you can choose not to use them.

    The other thing that might come into play is if you’re travelling during baby’s normal sleeping times, e.g. they may be more inclined to sleep on your knee. Or if you're travelling on a long-haul flight they may be more likely to want to sleep for at least part of the journey.

    2. Can I use the SkyBaby during takeoff/landing/turbulence?

    Yes, and the SkyBaby is particularly useful in this way because you can carry your sleeping baby (hopefully!) off the aircraft on the SkyBaby baby travel mattress. The SkyBaby mattress allows you to fasten the airline infant belt around Baby as normal (if your airline uses infant belts - some don’t). You can move baby to a sitting position (see the image below) during takeoff/landing/turbulence with the airline belt in place.

    However, the use of any item on board the aircraft is at the discretion of the crew, and there may be particular circumstances, e.g. during turbulence, that you may be asked to put the product out of use for a time. At such times, even bassinets provided by the airline are not used.

    Manufacturer’s Warranty

    There is no manufacturer’s warranty for the SkyBaby.

    About The Brand

    The SkyBaby travel mattress is a product by Not Rocket Science Ltd. We are a UK-based company established in 2009 aiming to make the lives of parents simpler.

    Our concepts bring together form, functionality and high quality materials into unique and practical solutions.

    The SkyBaby travel mattress was created by Rachel and Nico Arvanitis. As a regular traveller with her 2 daughters Rachel found that flying with babies was not easy. She was looking for a product to help create a comfortable sleeping environment during flights as an alternative to sleeping on her lap or in an airline bassinet on long haul flights. Identifying a gap in the market, along with her engineer husband she designed and manufactured a lightweight, practical travel mattress and launched the finished product in 2012. It is now available worldwide.

    SkyBaby was finalist for two awards (2013) with the UK & European Baby Products Association: Innovation Award & Baby and Nursery Trade Award. It has received lots of praise from the mummy blogging community and is available in retail outlets around the world.

    Our goal here is simple: Give families with babies more freedom to enjoy and experience travel. For the baby this means comfort and safety; for the parents it means products ergonomically designed to provide practical solutions with minimum effort. What’s important to us? Not only do we want to solve problems to help families with young children, but we aim to give our products the design edge to enable you to step out in style!


    This product has a limited returns policy for both change-of-mind and warranty coverage. We encourage you to review the product FAQs above, or contact us to ensure that this product is suitable for your family prior to purchase. For more information on our returns policy, visit our Returns Policy page. 

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