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BedBox by JetKids

$269.00 $269.00


The BedBox is the world's only premium pull-along suitcase that children can ride on at the airport and also use as a seat extender on the airplane. Enjoy a first class travel experience, even on an economy flight. The BedBox features a spacious inner compartment that you can use to store the mattress and side panels, as well as other practical belongings and toys for the flight. Designed for children 3-7 years old, while the mattress addition fits kids that are 2 years and older.


  •  Three gorgeous colors
  •  Includes mattress and side panels
  •  Includes decorative stickers
  •  Strap is adjustable
  •  Dimension (LxWxH): 46cm x 20cm x 36cm (18.11" x 7.87" x 14.17")
  •  Weight: 3.3kg (7.2lbs)
  •  Volume: 20 litres (5.3 gallons)
  •  Washable mattress
  •  Assembles easily
  •  Weight limit: 35kg

Approved Airlines

The BedBox is loved by families and has received official approval by many family friendly airlines after proper examination. These airlines include Singapore Airlines, Air Asia, Cathay Pacific, Silk Air and Malaysia Airlines.

For the full list of approved airlines and airlines that don't have a policy against comfort devices like the BedBox, click here.

Helpful Tutorials

The BedBox is simple to install and can be properly set up in under a minute. Here's a visual on how the seat extending bed/leg rest is set up:Simple installation

Here's a video that shows how it's used:

For full instructions, click here to view the user guide.

If you're looking for the user manual and user guide of the classic BedBox, you can find that here and here.


What is BedBox?
The BedBox is many things. Primarily, it serves as a premium suitcase that is strong enough for your child (up to 6-7 years old) to ride on. Being that it also acts as your child's hand luggage that can transform into a bed or seat extending leg rest all in the very same box, it really is the ideal travel companion for your child. The idea, in cooperation with one of Norway's best design agencies, was brought together by a former aircraft engineer, pilot, parents and avid travelers to bring you this amazing aviation-inspired, easy-to-maneuver, all-in-one design.

Does the bed/leg-rest feature of the BedBox compromise safety?
The BedBox has been thoroughly assessed and has passed many safety tests by major airlines. Using the BedBox the way it is intended to will not compromise safety. In fact, JetKids believes that it will keep your child safer. During long-haul flights (or any duration of a flight where your child might be in the plane for extended periods of time), it is normal for your child to feel sleepy. Before BedBox, children would have to sleep curled up in their seat or lay across a seat row like this (link to image here). In some instances, some children even sleep on the floor. This can be quite dangerous for your child in cases where the airplane experiences turbulence.

The BedBox helps keep your child safer because the seat belt in the aircraft can be better positioned when the BedBox is correctly set up, so not only is your child resting comfortably, they're also at less risk of injury compared to any other possible sleeping position without the use of the BedBox's seat extending leg rest feature!

What are the limitations for using the bed/leg rest feature when flying?
The BedBox should only be used when the airplane is cruising. It has to be kept away during instances such as taxi, take-off, landing or turbulence.

What kind of aircraft seats can the BedBox be used with?

The BedBox is best used on window seats on single-aisle airplanes.

Wide-body aircraft have twin aisles, so if you and your child are flying on a wide-body aircraft, it is best to use your BedBox on either window seats. If you're sitting in the middle row, then it is best used in the middle seat.

This prevents the BedBox from possibly becoming an obstruction to the flight crew.

How is the BedBox approved?

The BedBox is categorized as a personal comfort device and carry-on suitcase. These products don't generally get specific approval like FAA or EASA from the aviation authorities. All products that are brought on board are subject to the crew's discretion and airplane's limitations.

By ensuring that your airline of choice allows the BedBox and by making sure that you are familiar with proper use of the BedBox prior to your flight, you should experience no problems in having an enjoyable travel experience with your BedBox.

Can I still use the BedBox if I'm not traveling by airplane?

Yes, you can! The BedBox works great as a comfortable leg rest on both trains and ferries.

Turbulence can sometimes be unexpected. Can the BedBox be used during these times?

Like many baby bassinets offered by aircraft, anything that could pose as a danger during turbulence should not be used during these times. As turbulence can sometimes be unpredictable, we recommend always using the seat belt with the BedBox, and to secure the accompanying strap in place to prevent excessive movement in times of turbulence.

Please refer to this photo for a visual of how the accompanying strap should be used.

What is the maximum length for using the bed/leg-rest feature in a standard airplane seat?

Airplanes can have varying distances between the seats, but they are usually between 82cm to 90cm in length. The BedBox's leg rest feature can be used for children whose heights are up to 120cm to 130cm. The bed feature can be used for children whose heights are up to 100cm to 110cm, if they curl up a little and lay down on their sides.

Can I store other things in the BedBox?

Yes! Even with the mattress inside, there is room for toys, snacks, a storybook or other small comfort items. The BedBox has an inner capacity of 20 liters. 

Which direction should my child be facing when I'm using the bed/leg rest feature?

Your child can lie in any position when using the BedBox, but for safety purposes, we recommend that the mattress is used for the legs and not for the head, so that the seat belt can be properly used. Here's a visual that shows how your child should be positioned to be able to use the seat belt in conjunction with the bed/leg rest feature of the BedBox.

If the passenger seated in front of me reclines their seat, will it affect normal usage of the BedBox's bed/leg rest feature?

JetKids has taken special care in making sure that this concern is addressed. They've tested this on many different economy seats with a normal recline angle - the low height of the BedBox is close to the reclining joints of the backrest of the seat in front. This means that there generally shouldn't be a problem if the passenger in front of you reclines their seat.

Is it possible to lock the wheels?

No, there are no locks on the wheels. You can secure the BedBox in position by using the included strap. Here's how it should look when it's secured.

Can I use the BedBox with bulkhead seats (without seats in front)?

When used between two seat rows, the BedBox is better stabilized and supported. The BedBox may move around a bit when used without that added support, but can still be used if the accompanied strap is used to properly secure your BedBox to the aircraft seat.

Is the BedBox approved by all airlines?

It is important for children on board of airplanes to be happy instead of restless - many major international airlines have thus awarded this comfort device with their approval after proper assessment. However, please note that JetKids cannot guarantee that all airlines in the world will approve its use. Please check with your airline of choice before flying.

For more in-depth information on airline approval for the BedBox, you may refer to this article. You may also contact us if there's anything you need us to help with.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

JetKids offers a 2 year limited warranty on their products, from the date of purchase. Please read the following: To be able to make a warranty claim, direct an email to us, and provide your proof of purchase. “We will repair or replace your product if it is faulty due to defects in material or workmanship. We may take reasonable steps to confirm the faulty product. This may include requiring photos of the faults or sending the product back to us. You will be responsible for sending the product back to us, and cover the related costs for this. We will not be required to repair or replace your product (or provide replacement parts for you to repair it) if:
  • it is damaged due to neglect or wear and tear (including scratches and stains) where this is not the result of defects in materials or workmanship;
  • it has been damaged accidentally (e.g. by transporting unusual items);
  • you have used or stored it inappropriately;
  • it has been modified or altered;
  • traps or other removable parts are lost or damaged where this is not the result of defects in materials or workmanship; or
  • we have reason to think your claim is dishonest or fraudulent.

We are not responsible for any damage to or loss of the contents of your product nor are we responsible for loss of use, loss of time or other incidental expenses. The guarantee does not cover labour charges or damages attributable to work performed by anyone else. The guarantee does not cover any damage caused by misuse (such as transportation of unusual items), neglect, accidents, abrasion, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, water, normal wear and tear or transport damage (eg by airlines). The guarantee provided is limited to the value of the product.”

About The Brand

JetKids is made up of a dedicated team of people in Norway. They aim to keep bringing smart, premium quality products for parents traveling with their kids. The people behind JetKids love travelling. Having children never stopped them from travelling, but it sure has become more of a challenge.

Christina and Halvor founded JetKids back in 2008 when they were flying long haul with their young daughter. They had trouble helping her fall asleep, and ended up sacrificing their seating space for her to spread out. It wasn't comfortable, and she couldn't use her seat belt in this position. This was of course dangerous and unpleasant, so they immediately began their research.

Christina and Halvor found this to be an issue that parents flying with children often face. Parents would come up with unconventional ways to help their restless children: including letting their children sleep on the cold floor, letting their children lay on them for most of the flight (sacrificing their own toilet breaks for long hours so as to not wake their sleeping child), even stuffing things like their suitcase, cushions and blankets in front of the seat to extend it. This put parents in a very difficult position and made flying with children very troublesome. They both set out to find a solution for this, and the BedBox was created.

They first thought up the idea to create an inflatable product that fills up the gap between seats, but they wanted to go further. Some simple prototypes were developed of a collapsible platform that was able to do the same thing. These prototypes were handed out to parents that fly with their children, and they were a hit!

Despite the responses they received, Christina and Halvor felt like the troubles of travelling with children weren't completely solved just yet. Having a parent carry one more item on top of the crazy amounts of things they already have to take with them was not very much of a relief. They reached out to the talented designers from Frost Product, and with the help of people from Innovation Norway, they decided to put their heads together to create this aviation-inspired, premium quality ride-on suitcase, not forgetting to make sure it met carry-on limitations. They brought it all together with the pièce de résistance, JetKid's very own patented (and the world's first) integrated bed/leg rest feature. They named it the BedBox and has been the ideal travel accessory for children of ages up to 7 years old.


Christina and Halvor are well accustomed and educated within the aviation and travel industry. Christina studied in the travel sector, with many years of related job experience. Since 2011, she has been the Managing Director of a Norwegian online retail store that specializes in travel with children. This has since been her source of insight and competence within the industry. Halvor also has been educated within and gained a lot of experience within the aviation industry. He's worked for some of Europe's biggest airlines for over 16 years. With pilot and aircraft engineering education, work experience as an airline Captain, instructor and mechanic, he is well versed with the industry. Both Christina and Halvor have three children, and knows what it's like to travel with them.



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      BedBox by JetKids
      $269.00 $269.00

      BedBox by JetKids

      BedBox by JetKids
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