Car Seat Installations

Certified car seat installations

We offer certified car seat installations on products available in our store. If you didn't buy your car seat from us, we can definitely still install it for you, so long as it's one of the models that we do sell.

If you have a seat that we don't sell, and you'd like it professionally fitted, please head over to our sister store, PramFox, to arrange it through there.

Express installation $75* (per car seat)
House call $200 (per car)

* Existing Taxi Baby customers (where you've purchased the seat from us or had it installed by us before) enjoy 30% off our installation services.

Express installations are conducted at our premises and include a certified installation and overview of how to use your car seat correctly.

Schedule time with us  

Don't own a car?

If you would like us to teach you how to safely install your child's car seat in taxi, we have a taxi backseat at our office (!!) so you can gain confidence with your installation at your own pace.
* Hardware and accessories including locking clips, seat belt clamps, tether extenders and tether anchor bolts may be required for your installation and will incur additional charges.

Fitting three passengers in one row

It’s not easy (and it’s not always possible with certain child restraints) to fit three passengers together in one row (whether it’s three child restraints or two child restraints and an adult passenger). This takes extra preparation and a lot of extra fitting time to find an arrangement that can allow three passengers to safety travel in one row.

If you'd like to book a 'puzzling' session with us where you can try out our range of car seats in your car to see how they fit together (possibly even fitting them beside seats you already own), we offer this service at $20 per 15-minute block

When the time comes to actually install the seats in your car, a $40 three-across-surcharge will apply to each vehicle requiring three passengers to fit in one row. We will also add additional fitting time to your appointment.

Example charges:
Three kids in car seats, all in the same row (seats were purchased elsewhere): 3x $75 + 1x $40 surcharge = $265.

Two kids and a helper, express installations for the two seats purchased from Taxi Baby: 2x $75 (minus 30% = $52.50) + 1x $40 surcharge = $145.