T&Cs | Free Car Seat for June 2020 Babies

To celebrate Singapore Road Safety Month 2020, we (Far Eastern Travel Safety Pte Ltd, trading as Taxi Baby Co.) are giving away a free Cosco Scenera NEXT ("free car seat") to families with babies born in June 2020. The following terms and conditions apply:

  1. Limit of one free car seat per family.
  2. Stocks are limited.
  3. We reserve the right to allocate available free car seats at our sole discretion.
  4. Winners will take a role as child safety advocates, endeavouring to send us ten (10) sets of photos and comments of their children using their free car seat throughout the following year. We will be allowed to display the images, comments and winner/child's name on our website, social media, eDM, printed material and the like.
  5. Winners will sign the below Memorandum of Understanding.
  6. Applicants limited to Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. Free shipping in Singapore, but shipping charges to other countries will apply.
  7. We plan to keep the giveaway open until 30 June 2020, however we reserve the right to close it early.


Memorandum of Understanding

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a formal agreement to outline mutual expectations and conditions of influencer partnerships with Taxi Baby Co. This MOU is not legally binding but it carries a degree of seriousness and mutual respect, stronger than a gentlemen’s agreement. 

This MOU is an agreement between the following parties:

Far Eastern Travel Safety Pte Ltd, trading as Taxi Baby Co., located at 10 Jalan Kilang Timor, #03-04A LTH Building, Singapore 159306, and registered in Singapore with UEN 201603485H; hereinafter referred to as “Taxi Baby”; and


Name: ________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

Handle: ______________________; hereinafter referred to as the “Influencer”.


The Influencer agrees to the following, for a year from this agreement date:

  1. Not post images of Taxi Baby’s products being used in an unsafe manner or against the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  2. Not do or omit to do anything that may have the effect of bringing Taxi Baby and its brands into disrepute. The Influencer shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner that reflects favorably on the products and the good name, goodwill and reputation of Taxi Baby and its brands. 
  3. Respect their position as an parenting influencer and child safety ambassador by not to post images of unsafe travel including but not limited to: 
    1. adults not wearing seat belts;
    2. children not wearing seat belts;
    3. children aged 12 and under not using a child restraint;
    4. children aged 13 and under sitting in the front passenger seat;
    5. children aged 4 and under using a booster seat;
    6. children aged 2 and under using a forward facing car seat; 
    7. children on a motorbike or scooter;
    8. adults or children not wearing seat belts while seated on a plane; and
    9. adults or children not wearing helmets while riding a bike, scooter, skateboard, rollerblades or the like.

Taxi Baby agrees to the following, for a year from this agreement date:

  1. To compensate the Influencer for their honest review by providing one Cosco Scenera NEXT car seat and the support to use it safely and correctly.
  2. To promote the Influencer through their existing media channels (if the Influencer would like).
  3. Not do or omit to do anything that may be considered to be defamation of the good name, goodwill and reputation of the Influencer.