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mifold One

$69.00 $49.00


Introducing the mifold One, mifold's first ever non-folding grab-and-go booster seat. It is the most compact, safe and storable booster seat ever. The ideal everyday booster seat to store in the car - unlike a regular booster seat, it barely takes up any space at all. Older kids love it - it's discreet size makes them feel more grown-up. 

Just like the mifold, the mifold One acts just like a regular booster seat but instead of elevating your child, it works by bringing the shoulder belt down onto their collarbone, which is stronger than their face and neck. The lap belt is also brought down to their hipbones instead of their stomach, which is a lot more delicate and vulnerable.

The mifold One features the new Quick-Clip shoulder belt guide that allows you to install it with one hand. With practice, you won't even need to look! mifold One's larger seat size also ensures additional comfort while maintaining it's compact build.


The version of the mifold One Taxi Baby carries meets and exceed the European regulatory standard (ECE R44.04) for booster seats. Taxi Baby is one of the only distributors in the world right now that carries this version of the mifold One. This regulatory standard is approved for use in Europe, Asia and the rest of the world except the US and Canada.

Here are some other key features of the mifold One:

  • Dimensions: 24cm x 24cm x 3.6cm (9.4 x 9.4 x 1.4 in.)
  • Strong metal chassis of 6061 aircraft grade aluminium (as strong as steel) and Dupont Delrin 100ST, a super tough plastic polymer for superior impact resistance
  • Weight: At 697g (1.5lb), mifold One weighs the same as a small bottle of water
  • Set-up takes about 30 seconds
  • Three width settings of "small," "medium," and "large," with a fully variable shoulder height
  • Suitable for children aged 4 and up, or between 15 and 36kg and up to 150cm in height
  • Comfortable foam padding technology that stays cool, even on hot days
  • Easy to clean

Helpful Tutorials



How does it work/compare to a regular booster? 

With a traditional booster seat, your child is lifted to be at the seated height of an adult, so that the seat belt rests on their body comfortably and safely. mifold's modern design does the opposite of that by holding the seat belt down instead of raising your child higher.

mifold does this with the belt guides on either side of the child's hips, and the clip. These three points work by holding the lap belt against the stronger bones of your child instead of their soft stomach, which can injure easily in an accident. These belt guides are adjustable to three different sizes to make sure that the seat belt is always held snugly in place. The clip on the strap then pulls the seat belt upon the chest down on the bones of your child's shoulder, instead of their soft face and neck which also injures more easily. 

mifold does what a regular booster seat does, without the bulkiness of one. During a collision, the child is protected in the same way - the only difference is how your child is held in their seat.

Why should we use mifold? 

mifold's revolutionary new design helps eliminate risks that come up where children do not have a booster seat. There are an estimated 25% of all child journeys where children don't have the right booster seat when traveling. With a device as compact and portable as this, there are no more excuses.

What is the purpose of the shoulder strap?

The shoulder portion of the seat belt must be positioned on the child's collar bone instead of their more vulnerable face or neck. It should also not be behind or over the edge of their shoulder. Here, the shoulder strap works by going behind your child's back and clipping onto the shoulder portion of the seat belt, so that the belts are brought away from their face and neck by holding it down on your child's collar bone. The length of the attached shoulder strap can be adjusted to fit your child.

How comfortable is the mifold?

mifold has made it one of their prime concerns to create a design that ensures three things: comfort, safety, and ease of use. They are currently using and researching more than 100,000 mifold booster seats, and have had great feedback on how comfortable it is. (Children say they love it!)

mifold was able to achieve this from three design and engineering elements:

  1. mifold uses a unique EVA DenseFoam (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) to provide constant support at the pressure points. It is typically used in running shoes and boxing gloves as a shock absorbing material.
  2. The foam fabric extends to the edge, so that the booster seat is padded all around, leaving no hard edges.
  3. mifold has made sure to design their booster seat such that your child's weight is enough to sink it into the seat cushion of your vehicle. When your mifold sits flush with the rest of the vehicle seat, the edges are much less noticeable. A traditional booster seat works similarly - they're made up of a thin layer of foam or fabric on a plastic or Styrofoam base and most of the comfort comes from the vehicle seat itself, kind of like sitting on a hard cover book!

Is the mifold dishwasher safe?

We do not recommend washing your mifold in a dishwasher. There shouldn't be such a need, however - the mifold is designed to clean easily. You can wash the surfaces with a mild soap and water solution, which you can remove by rinsing with clean water and then air drying. Please do not use bleach. 

mifold is considering testing how the safety aspects (flame retardant properties) of the booster seat will react to a dishwasher. Until we hear of an update in regards to this concern, usage guidelines will remain the same.

How is the mifold different from the mifold One?
The mifold was designed to be a very compact and portable car safety seat solution. It is supposed to help make travelling with a child restraint more convenient, by providing children and parents the experience of ease and flexibility that the mifold introduces without sacrificing any safety qualities. It would be great for families that moved from one car to another a lot - bringing it from one place to another would be a lot easier given its foldaway feature.

mifold was inspired to create the mifold One when they found that in fact, many of their customers worldwide were actually leaving their mifold booster sears in the same car between uses, instead of taking them from one location to another or from one car to the next. The mifold One is simply a non-folding version of the mifold, for families that intend to use it like a regular booster seat. Even though this version of the mifold doesn't fold into a smaller size, the mifold One is still incredibly slim and would fit in the car seat pocket nicely.

If you're deciding between the mifold and the mifold One, mifold recommends taking the mifold One if you intend to leave your booster seat in one car all the time. If you plan to put your booster seat in your child's backpack, are travelling in more than one vehicle (e.g. grandparents' car or taxis) and generally plan to bring it around a lot, the mifold is a better option for you.

Technical Questions

Have the age and weight ranges specific to the mifold been defined?

Yes! The mifold is made for children aged 4 years and older. Car seat regulations remain a confusing topic in different countries and sometimes there are requirements that are based on a child's age, but other times it can be based on their weight, height, or a combination of all three. 

In the US and Canada, the mifold has a weight requirement of 18-45 kg (40-100 lbs) and a height requirement of 100-145cm (40-57 inches) tall. In Europe, the weight requirement is anywhere from 15kg and a until a maximum height of 150cm.

Is the mifold durable?

The mifold is made up of aircraft grade aluminium 6061 and a highly durable plastic polymer called Delrin 100ST from Dupont. These components have been rigorously tested and successfully passed crash tests. Even under extreme use, the mifold holds up its longevity as a very durable child booster seat.

What is the mifold's country of manufacture?

The mifold is made in China. The manufacturing partners mifold work with are world renowned, ISO approved, and operate at the highest level of manufacturing and quality control. They are also manufacturers for other well known child restraint companies.

Does the LATCH/ISOfix system work with the mifold?

The mifold is designed to work without a LATCH system. The mifold has an innovative approach to a regular booster seat and the LATCH system does not help with how the mifold works. This makes set-up of the mifold simple. It can be quickly put in place and stowed away for every journey.

Is the mifold suitable for small adults?

No. This product is not meant for adult use and should only be used by children. mifold has often been presented with this question, because shorter adults have to deal with the seat belt being uncomfortable. However, mifold's main market is that of child restraints. As such, it is only approved to be used for children. mifold will consider moving on to designing an adult version when they've made a sizable establishment in this market.

Can the mifold be used with a switchable retractor?

A seat belt retractor that switches from Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) mode to Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) mode is called a switchable retractor. It locks the seat belt in as it is being retracted.

The ALR mode, where webbing is locked from being further released so as to reduce slack and increase seat belt tightness, is not intended to be used when restraining an occupant with the vehicle lap and shoulder belt. This includes using the lap and shoulder belt in conjunction with a booster seat. In vehicle owner manuals, manufacturers warn against using this feature with children sitting in a booster car seat. Child safety technicians and researchers also advise against this, because locking the seat belt on a child seated in a booster seat would not give them the forward motion they need to prevent submarining under the lap belt in a 
traffic collision.

It is also recommended that children who are not behaviorally or developmentally ready to sit still in a booster seat use a high-weight child restraining harness as they would be better protected this way.

mifold agrees with the user guidelines and recommendations provided by these vehicle manufacturers and child safety researchers that the vehicle lap and shoulder belt should be used as it is designed to be, in the ELR mode. mifold does not recommend switching the retractor into the locking mode in the mifold instruction manual.

Can I use an inflatable seat belt with the mifold?

mifold's recommendations have been revised after their result analysis of vehicle seat belt system tests. So far, only the current Ford Motor Company inflatable seat belt system found in Ford and Lincoln vehicles is approved for use with the mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat.

They can be used with US, Canadian and European versions of the mifold. Here are the approved mifold model numbers:
1. USA - MF01/US (you can find this on the label on the Shoulder Belt Guide Strap)
2. Canada - MF01/CA (you can find this on the label on the Shoulder Belt Guide Strap)
3. Europe - MF01/EU (you can find this on the sticker attached to the back of the Shoulder Belt Guide)

Is the mifold treated with flame retardants?

Yes. The mifold complies with booster seat flammability test requirements under the NHTSA regulation FMVSS213 for the USA and under the UN regulations: UN ECE R44.04. This flame retardancy is achieved only using compounds that comply with California Proposition 65 and the European Community Regulation REACH (EC/1907/2006).

Safety and Certification Questions

How is the mifold certified?

Taxi Baby carries the version of the mifold that is certified to ECE R44.04, which is approved in Singapore, Europe, and most of Asia, but not legal in  the United States, Australia and Canada. mifold has another version that conforms to US (FMVSS 213) and another for Canadian regulations (RSSR).

Is the mifold different for other countries?

Given that the mifold has three certifications (ECE R44.04 for the European Union, FMVSS213 for the United States and RSSR for Canada), there will be different versions of the mifold to fit these three certifications.

The changes in these products are minor and come down to two physical design alterations:

  1. Product dimensions change slightly.
  2. Languages on labels are printed differently, as are the mifold's instruction manuals.

The other thing that varies from country to country is the age/height and weight requirement of the child using the mifold. Different countries might have different requirements, and might only restrict it to the child's age, or their height and weight, 
but others have regulations that are based on all three.

Where do I go to see the mifold's crash test results?

mifold does not publish their crash test videos nor do other child restraint manufacturers. mifold would have had to pass all crash tests and relevant assessment to be certified under legal safety regulations.

Is there side impact protection on the mifold?

mifold is certified under US FMVSS 213 and EU R44.04 for backless booster seats and these certification standards do not include side impact protection.

Taxi Baby offers products that do provide side impact protection  and there are many that exist that meet and exceed the standards (mifold's been using them with their own children for years!).

mifold's creative new innovation is inspired by their objective to lower the percentage of children that travel without a booster seat. By designing a lightweight, portable and equally safe version of the traditional booster seat, they hope to eliminate the risks caused by the lack of one. With a design like this, the mifold cannot offer the added weight and build that a booster seat with side impact protection would have.

What is the "more than 10x smaller and just as safe as a regular booster seat" claim based on?

mifold's "more than 10x smaller" claim is based on its dimensions and volume. When compared to traditional booster seats you see more frequently in the market, the mifold is less than a tenth of the general size.

mifold's "just as safe" claim is based on its certification. The mifold is carefully assembled, durable, passed crash tests and most importantly, is certified to ECE R44.04 for Europe and FMVSS 213 for the US.

Distribution Questions

Do you ship to Australia?

Taxi Baby ships internationally, to Australia as well. However, mifold is not currently being marketed to the Australian market due to Australian regulatory issues.

Where can I get the mifold?

Taxi Baby offers the ECE R44.04-certified version of the mifold seat. We are the sole distributor in Singapore for the mifold and we ship internationally.

Click here to see the full of list mifold's local distributors.

Customer Support Questions

How long does the mifold last?

mifold expires within 7 years from the date of manufacture. You can find the date of manufacture on the shoulder belt guide adjustment clip. 

Most child restraints last between 5-9 years after the point of manufacture, but every one is different and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the user guide so that you can better understand the different expiration dates for every product and of 
course, all the other important information that your instruction manual would have.

Is the mifold approved to be used in a different country?

The mifold has two versions available in Asia: one that is certified to European standard ECE R44/04 and another that is certified to American standard FMVSS 213. 

Taxi Baby carries the one that is certified to ECE R44/04 and you can verify this by locating the orange 'ECE R44/04' label on your mifold where the shoulder strap is, or on the bottom (the mifold One only has this orange label on the shoulder strap). This version of the mifold is the international version and is regulated for use across most countries in the world except most notably Australia, Canada and the USA. mifold and Taxi Baby does not recommend you use your child restraint in a country it's not regulated in as local law enforcement officials might not recognize your version of the mifold.


Manufacturer's Warranty



mifold is warranted against defective materials or workmanship for one year from the date of original purchase (or as required by local laws). Proof of purchase is required. The exclusive remedy for this warranty is that Carfoldio will, at its option, provide repair, replacement or a refund for your purchase. Carfoldio reserves the right to discontinue or change fabrics, parts or models, or to make substitutions. To make a claim under this warranty, you must return your mifold to us by requesting a valid "Return Authorisation Number" from the Customer Service Center nearest you. Click on the appropriate link from the Customer Service Directory below to find the correct contact details and receive instructions on how to ship your product.




This warranty does not include damages which arise from negligence, misuse or use not in accordance with the product’s instruction manual. The use of non Carfoldio covers, inserts, toys, accessories, or other tightening devices is not approved by Carfoldio. Their use could cause mifold to fail the Safety Standards it has been accredited by, or perform worse in a crash. Their use automatically voids this warranty.


The warranty and remedies as set forth above are exclusive and in lieu of all others, oral or written, express or implied. In no event will Carfoldio, or the retailer or on-line marketplace selling mifold®, be liable for any damages, including incidental or consequential damages, arising out of the use or inability to use this product.


Any implied warranties, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, shall be limited to the duration and terms of the express written warranty. Some Countries/States do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights, which vary depending on the Country. Carfoldio does not authorise any person to create for it any other warranty, obligation, or liability in connection with this product.

About The Brand


Jon's hand.jpeg

This is Jon. He's the inventor of mifold, the Grab-and-Go Booster Seat. His four children and himself are often on the road, and he wanted to make a booster seat that was both really lightweight and portable yet really durable and strong. Parents could take it everywhere, so that children can be safer wherever they went, regardless of whose car they were being driven in.

Child travel safety is important to Jon's team and he wanted to make sure that families are unencumbered the traditional booster seat design. The mifold's small and durable design makes it the most advanced, compact and portable booster seat in the world.

Here's to simpler, safer journeys!


Keeping children safe is our utmost priority. As such, we have a strict no-return policy for child safety products as it is not possible to ascertain the complete history (how it was used/if any parts of the product might be compromised) of the product before considering resale. We urge all customers to ensure that the product is suitable for your child and compatible with your vehicle before checking out. For more information on our Returns Policy, click here

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mifold One
$69.00 $49.00

mifold One

mifold One
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