Small Business Friends | Lyn & Andrew from MouldGone

Small Business Friends | Lyn & Andrew from MouldGone

Small Business Friends | Lyn & Andrew from MouldGone

Small businesses are really feeling the pinch at the moment. Now more than ever, we need to band together and support our local businesses (it doesn't necessarily have to be buying from them!) so we can stay afloat through 2020. I'd love to introduce you to my friends Lyn & Andrew from MouldGone. They are in Mould Remediation: everything to do with mould... identifying, educating, solution-orientated service to rid your home or premises of mould.

What does your business do?

We understand the severe health risks associated with living with mould, and assist to identify the source of the problem. Mouldgone’s internationally qualified staff provide a full assessment of your premises with tips on how to successfully live in the tropics. A detailed inspection report including a quote for proposed treatment is provided, we also retail products for home use should you wish to tackle the mould issues yourself. All products are available through our website.

How did you get started in the business?

We came to Singapore nine years ago due to another business, similar in nature but different. Hazardous Materials Surveying on ships. In the early days of living in a rented property in Singapore, we noticed the health of our youngest son was not optimal. He was constantly suffering from runny nose, lethargy, headaches etc. After extensive research we decided to rid our house of mould, for all of our sakes, but in the hope this might hold a solution for our son.

Unfortunately, the search for this service in Singapore was largely unsuccessful and lead us only to options using highly toxic chemicals. Or, as our landlord offered—to simply paint over the problem. We knew enough to know neither of these would address our problem. Major paint manufacturers advise mould must be treated first before repainting. We spent the next 12 months investigating the world’s best practices for mould remediation. This led us to a range of FDA and EPA approved non-toxic chemicals that are the market leaders in the US. We imported these and commenced our operation,

Andrew has studied under Dr Cedric Cheong, renowned mycologist, and completed training with US-based mould remediation specialists. The Thyme based product we use is the most effective and safest to treat mould whilst having NO toxicity. This product is safe for children and pets. In our own home we use for it all our disinfecting needs, including kitchen benches. The biggest bonus with this product is it’s also a VIRUCIDE meaning it has FDA approval to kill viruses. This gave us great peace of mind when our son arrived from Australia recently in the midst of COVID19. We were able to quickly disinfect and eradicate any pollutants on his suitcase, the doors, taps, his clothes etc.

How did you meet Elise?

When living in a condo block off Holland Road we fell in love with the Mawson boys. They remind us of our own sons who are now independent, studying and working back home in Australia.

What is life like for you at the moment, and what’s your outlook for the coming year?

Currently we are still fielding a good level of inquiry for mould, maybe because everyone is home and can see and/or smell it! We are also seeing an increase in inquiry for disinfection against virus, for both residential and commercial property.

How can we help?

Spread the word for to be your one-stop for all your Mould and Disinfection requirements.


For more information on MouldGone, visit their website, Facebook page or simply drop them a Whatsapp message. We've dedicated a post each week to one of our friends who run a local small business, so stay tuned for more! #supportlocalbusiness

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