This is hifold: the revolutionary fit-and-fold booster

This is hifold: the revolutionary fit-and-fold booster

This is hifold: the revolutionary fit-and-fold booster

She’s here, and we’re excited! Let us introduce you to the lovely, little hifold... *cues drum rolls*

The hifold is the world’s most adjustable high-back booster that will transform car seat safety for families with ever-changing needs. Engineered to comply with regulatory standards across the globe, the hifold is the first-of-its-kind to carry certification for both Europe and US safety standards (yay for roving families!). 

hifoldThe hifold is currently the only child restraint with dual certification from Europe and the US on a single unit.

With over 243 individual settings in four adjustable zones across the head, torso, thighs and height, the hifold offers optimum comfort and ensures a safe and secure seat belt fit through the patented adjustable lap and shoulder seat belt guides. This level of customisation also ensures that the hifold will always be a good fit for children four-years old and up. 

The advanced level of adjustability means that hifold fits children as they grow. 

The hifold sets up in a jiffy, making it the ideal high-back booster solution for those who own their own car but do not want a bulky car seat permanently occupying a seat; for grandparents who ferry their grandkids; those who use car-sharing or ride-hailing services or families who want to use their car seat on vacation. It also fits three across in the back seat of a car as long as there are lap and shoulder seat belts for all three seats, making this a great car seat option for larger families. 

three across
The hifold is a very narrow and low profile seat, so it’s comfortable for an adult to sit beside, and it can fit beside other car seats too.

At just 4.5kg with a built in shoulder strap, it’s as easy to carry around as a gym bag! The hifold folds down to three times smaller than a normal high-back booster for portability and easy storage, making the hifold the perfect car seat for families on-the-go.

shoulder strap
The hifold comes with a convenient carry strap and airflow washable fabric.

If you’re in the market for a high-back booster for any situation, then hifold is very likely going to be right at the top of your list. For more information about hifold, you may contact us at If you're not sure if it's right for you, grab a micro-consult with our car seat technicians! They are more than happy to give you some personal advice. Safe travels!

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